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Engagement Party

Do you want to celebrate this life changing experience with everyone before the wedding? An engagement party can be perfect for getting to interact with your guests before the wedding day! Let us help you plan a fun barbecue in your backyard, or maybe a formal dinner at your favorite steakhouse! Whatever your dream engagement party is, we can make bring it to life.


Wedding Reception 

You’re finally married! Congratulations!! Now is the time to have the party of your lives!! Forget about all the planning details and dance your heart out! We will manage everything for you behind the scenes so you can simply enjoy your guests, and of course your new spouse.

Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are so special and unique to everyone. Whether you want a fancy tea with all of the ladies, or a small gathering of your closest friends, we can make that work within any budget you might have


Wedding Ceremony 

You have worked so hard and now you’re standing at the altar with your soon to be spouse. Let us take care of all the tiny details for you that are so important. We will line everyone up, provide Kleenex for your grandma, Bobby pins for your hair and make sure everyone is comfortable and quiet so you can declare your love for one another with no worries at all!

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